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Proton AI Traffic Management System, is an Advanced Traffic Manager incorporating Smart Detect Technology , which stealthily detects and protects your site from hit bots and inhuman traffic. Built using pure " Proton AI " algorithms. Suitable for TGP's/MGP's and High Traffic, Quality Sites.

To start trading send at least 20 hits
  • NO tube sites!
  • NO ClicksAgent!
  • NO subdomains!
  • Niche trades only!
  • NO iframes on your pages!
  • Your site must have a visible top list.
  • Your site must be indexed by Google!
  • Trades with bad productivity may be deleted w/o notice.
  • Absolutely NO CP, under@ge, besti@lity and other illegal stuff!
  • Minimum trade is 10 uniques per day or you'll be auto-disabled!
  • Warning! Since March 2007 I've blocked Chinese traffic on all my sites!
  • NO consoles, NO autoinstalles, NO exploits, NO auto bookmarks, NO shit generally!
  • I don't trade with Sites using Videoscash or similar Sponsors which pay for (Codec) Installs.
  • Min skim >= 60% (10% to noref and search engines, and 60% to everything else is NOT 60% skim!).
  • New trades are DISABLED by default until they have been reviewed (at least twice a day). You must force some traffic (20 hits) within a 24 hour period so that I can review your traffic.
  • You ADD = You FORCE!!! Trades NOT sending traffic for 24 hours will be deleted!!!

Email: contact_at_hq-trades_dot_com, ICQ: N/A, FreeCJ
Site name: Free Girl Pee

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